About Us

Welcome to Khataland -- Ancient Yoga, Modern Gear

We are an innovative company built with the mantra of serving unique needs of today’s yogis.  All of our products are exclusively designed and some are specially engineered to satisfy every aspect of everyday yoga practice. In addition to the high quality standard, our products are designed and manufactured with eco-consciousness to be durable, recyclable or reusable, and waste reducing.  So there is only one thing you need to focus on – your own  practice.

It is our hope that our unique designs and products will accompany you to live a life of prosperity, good health, pureness, energy and inner peace.




Meaning of Khata

A Khata is a ceremonial scarf used in Tibetan and Mongolian traditions. It symbolizes purity and compassion. The silky, long scarves have various colors and five are commonly used.

  • White is the mostly universal, which symbolizes white clouds and pure hearts;
  • Blue symbolizes the blue sky, wisdom and energy;
  • Green symbolizes rivers and good health;
  • Red represents deities that protect the space and our inner practices; 
  • Yellow symbolizes mother earth and prosperity.