YoFoMat - Best Travel Yoga Mat -Extra Long Magenta (72"x24"x1/6")

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Now: $39.00
Size: 72 in X 24 in X 1/6 in(4mm)
Folded Size: 12 in X 10 in X 3 in
Weight: 2.7 pounds
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Specially Engineered, Patented YoFoMat® is the ONE AND ONLY FOLDING YOGA MAT that provides the BEST TRAVEL EXPERIENCE FOR YOGIS. It is easy to fold and comes with a customized eco travel case to facilitate carrying and storing.


  • Compact and Easy to Carry/Store: YoFoMat® is sized similar to a large book after folding (12"x10"x3"). It is easy to be carried around in our customized bags or in your handbags, backpacks, travel cases etc. Plus, it is easy to store by simply stacking them up


  • Extra Long and Thick: Measures at 72” (183cm) long, 24” (61cm) wide, 1/6” (4mm) thick to provide support for all sizes


  • Versatile: Exclusively designed, YoFoMat® can be converted into a meditation mat or sitting mat for versatile Yogis


  • Easy Body Alignment: Touch-felt folding lines are designed as coordinates to easily assist proper body alignment


  • High Performance: High density, non-skid on both sides, non-sticky, slip resistant even with light perspiration, provides stability on any floor surface (soft/carpet, hard/wood). Improves with use


  • Sanitary and Easy to Clean: Unlike rolled up yoga mat, the folding lines on YoFoMat® are designed so that the side facing the floor would not touch the side facing the body, thus ensuring easy cleaning and providing sanitary support to yoga practice


  • Eco Friendly: Only eco-friendly, non-allergenic, non-toxic materials and production process used; safe for adults and children; meets or exceeds standards set in EU Directive 2005/84/EC; latex free; SGS tested to be free of phthalates (16P FREE!)


  • Be a Yogi Anywhere: Revolutionary YoFoMat® is designed to meet all needs of today’s versatile yogis while preserving all qualities desired in a high performance yoga mat. Better yet, it is truly portable and so easy to be carried anywhere you go, by itself in its customized Grab&Go carrier, or in a Khataland’s specially designed YoFoMat® Companion bag. With YoFoMat®, Be a Yogi Anywhere©


Care Instruction:  Clean with a damp cloth with water or mild detergent/household cleaner. Allow to air dry. Do not put in washing machine or dryer. Wash before first use.


  • Exclusively Designed Eco Travel Case Included: Ergonomic design for easy carrying; breathable fabric to allow air flow; durable and lightweight; machine washable/dryable


  • Bonus Yoga Pose Chart Included: 15 yoga poses illustrated; 12"x10"

Reviewed by Beacon , 05/18/2012

When I first saw this mat, I was amazed by the simple yet brilliant idea. Yofomat is easily my favorite mat now. I throw it in my backpack and carry it everyday. The convenience is a huge factor in helping me stick to my yoga schedule. Absolutely recommend to all devoted yoga guys. (I wish there were more color choices in the extra long and ultra thick mats)

Reviewed by HelenYang , 12/29/2011

Khataland yoga mat is designed very well with beautiful colors, great texture touch and high quality. I bought a purple mat, it lights me up whenever I look at it after working a whole long day in black-white-gray business environment. It is so convenient to carry around with most of my handbags. I used also as a portable seat when I have to wait in a line.

It is free of any smell, no synthetic material or plastic smell at all. Another great feature is the neat and cleanness. My old rolling yoga mats always had dirties picked up from the floor and rolled into the top side, with this mat I can fold the bottom side completely away from the top side and keeping the top side nice and clean. (Original review posted on Amazon.com)

Reviewed by RC , 12/29/2011

This folding yoga mat is part of my gift package. I absolutely love the folding feature. I was tired of cleaning my old roll-up mats each time after a session. I always see dirt or other unrecognizable things rolling into my mats. Can hardly get all of them out. And I don't like much about sprays. The folding mat allows me to pull up the mat and fold the dirty side completely inside. I can then throw it into my backpack. The mat is thick (mine is 1/4 inch) and comfortable. I'm looking forward to doing more yoga in the new year with my new mat. (Original review posted on Amazon.com)

Reviewed by Vicky , 12/29/2011

This mat is super awesome. I have been looking for a light mat for lunchtime yoga. I found this one. It is light and can be folded to fit in a small travel space. This is a great product, especially in public transportation. Although the mat is light and compact, it is, in fact, longer than regular-sized yoga mat, and it is thick and cushy that could be a life-saver for people with bad wrists. It is an excellent investment! Highly recommended! (Original review posted on Amazon.com)

Reviewed by Maggie&JustinMom , 09/29/2011

I was so excited when my DH got me this YoFoMat along with the companion carryall bag. When we signed up for the gym, the group classes were the only motivation for me to go there regularly. However I ended up going to Zumba classes more than Yoga, as I did not have my own best yoga mat (you know how it feels to use those at gym). Well I do have a cheap one I bought from a store sale, but it has a rubber smell and never extends flat on the floor. Now this mat is great - it is thick, comfy and easy to fold / unfold, and perfectly lays flat on any floor. The best is that I won't need to worry about cleaning it after each class as the surface touching the floor folds up inside. It folds into a square and easily fits in any gym bag. What a smart design! And now I have my renewed interest in yoga class again! (Original review posted on Amazon.com)

Reviewed by Rise a, 09/29/2011

What a great product! It's compact and small, like a book, fits in the yoga bag perfectly. The mat is thick compared with the other travel mats and gives me enough cushion for my practices during the trip. It's a little long for me but I don't dislike the extra space. Carrying it around in the bag is easy and almost a pleasure (people ask all the time!). I've heard complaints of smells of other brand travel mats. This one has almost none. Overall a high quality mat that has this great folding function. I love it and recommend this to everyone. Thanks to my friend who gave me this gift set. (Original review posted on Amazon.com)

Reviewed by Battery P, 09/29/2011

First of all, this mat is extremely well-made - thick and sturdy, the level of firmness is just right, providing plenty of support. It is SO convenient to carry around. Before, I has hauling my old-fashioned, rolled-up yoga mat into the crowded subway trains in the morning on my way to work, which was very inconvenient. Also, the mat would get dirty if it was raining outside. The YoFoMat folds easily and effortlessly into just about any gym bag, I love it! I get a lot of people asking me about it at the studio I go to. Highly recommend! (Original review posted on Amazon.com)

Reviewed by Joe , 09/29/2011

Great product! I got two, one magenta for my wife and one pink for my daughter. It's compact and small. Thick and sticky, just a great mat to have for everyday uses. It's also easy to store away these mats. Very high quality mats. My wife and daughter are very happy about them! (Original review posted on Amazon.com)

Reviewed by Amani , 09/29/2011

This mat is very comfortable and has just the right tackiness to prevent sliding during yoga postures. It's also foldable and I can carry as I travel. Overall, I would highly recommend this mat. (Original review posted on Amazon.com)

Reviewed by Amazon1 , 09/06/2011

I have been searching for the perfect travel mat - and I think this one just may fit the bill. It really does fold-up to the size of a large book - like a coffee-table photo book. And it fits neatly into my carry-on bag. It's also much thicker than the average travel mat; actually, it's thicker than the average mat period. I haven't used it yet. but I don't anticipate any problems.

Reviewed by Bela , 08/16/2011

I just got this mat after being frustrated with my old ones. I need travel mats but not those thin, cheap ones. I travel a lot and do yoga on a daily basis. I like this one a lot and now carry it with me all the time. It delivers everything it says. Portable and thick with extra length. Logo and name are beautiful. I highly recommend this product if you are serious about yoga.

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